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Top 12 Things You Should Look for When Choosing a Warehouse Distributor

Congratulations and thank you for visiting Pro- Distributing. Pro- has been in business for over 20 years. The key to our success is no nonsense transparency along with an overwhelming dedication to our customer base.

Here are just some of the things you can count on when setting up an account with PMD. We strongly suggest that you take this information and measure it against other so called WD's. Knowledge is power and we know no other WD can offer these tools at such a high level.

No Buy-In:
PMD does not require any steep buy-ins, low buy-ins, or buy-ins period.

Huge Inventory:
We stock product so you don't have to. Let us carry the burden of inventory. As a WD it is our job to constantly have inventory and supply you with the product you need. We average a 98% fill rate on all orders shipped. No other WD can even come close.

Save money on freight:
With locations in California and Tennessee we are able to ship products at a lower rate. Not only will your freight be less, but your customers will get product faster. Drop ships, Overnight packages? Having two locations insures that we can get the product to your or your customer much faster and more economical.

We are not your competition:
Pro- is 100% wholesale. That means by purchasing directly from us you are not funding your competition. You don't have to worry about us stealing customer information on drop ships. Your customer's information is safe with us and we will NEVER call, mail, or email, or try to sell them anything in the future.

Competitive pricing:
With our buying power, we can offer the best pricing available. We do all the large volume orders with the manufacturers so you don't have to. Several manufacturers grant us special discounts that are not available to other Warehouse Distributors. That means we can take those extra discounts and pass the savings directly to you.

We open early and stay late:
As a business owner you work until the work is done. We understand that. No other WD stays open as long as PMD. We are open from 8:30am (PST) until 7:00pm (PST). That means we are here to service you.

We are NOT just order takers:
Yes, we can certainly take your order. However that is not all we do. Our sales staff is highly trained and will assist you with all your needs. All sales staff are continuously participating in countless factory authorized training seminars in order to better service you, our customer. Fitment, Application, Technical information, our sales team is here to help. We are just a phone call away and encourage our customers to call with questions.

Online tools:
Need to check inventory? No problem. All you need to do is become a PMD customer. Once you have an account established you will be able to access our LIVE real time inventory control system 24/7.

Building a website?
We have up to date application and pricing information for all the manufacturers that we support. We also offer access to our legendary FTP with over 2 terabytes of manufacturer supplied product images, and logos. We know how hard it is to get images, and information. That is why we have collected it all for you and have put it in one place. Once you are a customer you can sign up to gain password access into this customer only section of our website.

Same Day Shipping:
Sounds simple but often times it is not. Some companies that claim to be Warehouse Distributors are really not. They have one guy in the back that tries to ship everything. We have a fully staffed shipping department in both California and Tennessee. In most cases orders can be shipped out same day*.

Sales Specials:
Every month we have enticing sales specials. We are constantly working with manufacturers behind the scenes in order to secure special one time offers for our customer base. Your sales person will keep you informed and all sales specials are posted on this website.

What do you get for FREE?
Other then the over 20 years of knowledge you get tons of things for free.

FREE trade attendee pass to the Motion Trade & Consumer Show

FREE subscription to Magazine the only trade publication specifically created for our market place. Packed with tons of important information to help your business succeed And much much more.