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2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 Mini Cooper S Models Roar with AEM Cold Air Intake

Over the last decade, the Mini Cooper has proven to be one of the hottest and exciting European design imports. This is mostly due to its small yet popular size, and its ability to deliver a sporty driving experience. Another factor that boosts the popularity for this peppy little car is the breadth of aftermarket upgrades that high quality performance manufacturers like AEM offer for Mini Cooper S models.

AEM, a pioneer in the development of performance intake systems and air filter products, has released a completely new configuration of cold air intake designed to increase the performance of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Mini Cooper S models with 1.6 liter engines. Available as a do-it-yourself install and upgrade, the 21-699C cold air intake is a new twist on functional and stylish intake engineering.

AEM's 21-699C cold air intake utilizes the fake OEM hood scoop as well as the OEM fresh air duct to bring in cooler outside air for more power. AEM's design includes a low restriction AEM Dryflow Air Filter. A Filter Minder guage is also included to indicate when it's time to clean your reusable synthetic Dryflow air filter.

"Excellent air inlet temperature management ensures consistent and reliable power," says product engineer John Concialdi. "In the 21-699C the fake OEM hood scoop is converted into a real performance feature that ducts ambient air directly to the intake air box. A high temperature silicone foam gasket seals the scoop duct to the air box preventing hot engine compartment air from entering the intake and the OEM lower air duct is also retained for maximum flow to the intake system."

Two contoured elbow couplers were designed to direct cool intake air smoothly into the airbox and then into the turbocharger. Computational fluid dynamics was used to help optimize the size and number of pleats on the AEM Dryflow air filter and to help determine the size of the aluminum intake tube for high mid-range torque and high-end power. Flow bench testing helped validate the intake's basic design, confirming a clean MAF signal and superior air flow over the stock intake.

AEM made sure the system would last the life of the car. A high quality, high-temperature material was chosen for the hood scoop and a heat shield placed between the turbocharger and the intake is included for additional heat protection. The 21-699C intake features AEM's washable and reusable Dryflow air filter that requires no oiling and will continue to protect your Mini Coope S for its life. The entire air intake comes with AEM's limited lifetime warranty.

AEM testing on the the 21-699C cold air intake shows an estimated gain of 14.14HP @ 5400RPM and an estimated increased in torque of 11.3ft-lbs @ 3300RPM. The 21-699C cold air intake system is a perfect upgrade for any Mini enthusiast looking to add more power and better performance to their little European street rod. To find all AEM products for your vehicle, use the AEM Product Search link on To find an AEM dealer use and the Where to Buy link on